Tuition: $79.00, (4 hours)

This is a four hour class available to students who already have a basic working knowledge of how their gun works and know how to shoot, but wish to improve their skill level and shoot more effectively.

Proper draw stroke, quick multiple hits on target, and reloading skills are the primary emphasis of this class with a confidence course challenge at the end.

This course includes:

*   Four (4) hours of range time.

*   Advanced handgun handling techniques.

*   Advanced reloading skills.

*   Learn to hit the target at a rate of 3-4 shots a second.

*   Range and target fees included.

Required Equipment:

*   Handgun (caliber and type suitable for self defense.)

*   Minimum 3 magazines for semi-automatic pistols or 4 speedloaders for revolvers.

*   200 Rounds of ammunition.

*   Holster, belt, magazine/speed loader pouch.

*  Ear & eye protection.


Usery Mountain Shooting Range
(Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club)
3960 N. Usery Pass Rd.
(same road as Ellsworth Rd.)
Mesa, AZ 85207