Tuition: $59.00, (4 hours)

(Entire class held at the shooting range.)

Handgun safety and marksmanship for the beginner.

A.  Course objectives

1.  Proper operation of the handgun.

2.  Basic marksmanship skills.

3.  This course DOES NOT address the legal issues of self-defense.

B.  Course Outline

1.  Universal Gun Handling Rules.

2.  Range Conduct Rules & Range Commands

3.  Proper methods for removing the handgun from the holster and returning the handgun to the holster.

4.  Loading and unloading the handgun.

5.  Stance and grip.

6.  Sight alignment and trigger control.

C.  Required equipment

1.  Handgun (caliber not specific.)

2.  Belt and holster.

3.  50 rounds ammo.


Usery Mountain Shooting Range
(Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club)
3960 N. Usery Pass Rd.
(same road as Ellsworth Rd.)
Mesa, AZ 85207